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Marketing Strategy Template

Updated: Jan 28

If you feel that you need a better marketing strategy for your business, then this post is just for you!

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan

Before diving into the details, it’s important to distinguish the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. Your marketing strategy is a ‘big picture’ view of your approach to acquire new customers. It’s through the marketing strategy that you are able to develop a detailed marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is the overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into paying customers. It is the pipeline or map of your marketing approach. Depending on how comprehensive you’d like it to be, your marketing strategy could include target markets and your brand’s value proposition.

Understanding your buyer persona is a prerequisite to identifying your target market(s). Your business could have multiple buyer personas, and each buyer persona could have multiple target audiences (groups of people with similar traits or interests).

Marketing Plan

Contrary to the marketing strategy, the marketing plan is the engine that pushes leads through the pipeline and into the sales funnel. The marketing plan details the specific types of marketing activities, how they will be executed and a timeline for when they should be rolled out. In short, marketing plans delineate the logistical details of specific campaigns.

Marketing Strategy Template

3 Important Things to Know Before Creating your Marketing Strategy

  1. Buyer Persona: what type of person wants to buy from you?

  2. Objective: what do you want to accomplish with your marketing strategy?

  3. Metrics: what data points will you use to measure the success?

What better way to understand the ‘big picture’ marketing strategy than with a picture? So, here is an example of a Marketing Strategy Map.

Ready to create your own marketing strategy using our marketing strategy template? Before reading on, it would benefit you to download our template and follow along with these steps:


  1. List ALL of the ways in which you market. The marketing mechanisms you choose should be based on how you can best get your brand in front of your buyer persona. For most businesses, social media is included on this list. Check out the list provided in the marketing strategy template to help you get started.

  2. Choose a CRM for all leads to funnel into. HubSpot is an excellent CRM that allows you to scale as your business goals. SalesForce and Zoho are alternatives. But If you are looking for a CRM that is less complex but still allows for tracking and remarketing to your leads, check out MailChimp.

  3. Identify which mechanisms you will use to remarket leads within your CRM to remain top-of-mind. Remarketing is a powerful tool that increases conversion rates. This article covers more detail on generating more leads by remarketing (or retargeting) on Facebook

If you have been following along and completing the steps within the marketing strategy template, by now you should have a completed marketing strategy map that provides an easy-to-understand visual. The visual strategy map allows you to see, at a glance, the various marketing mechanisms through which you acquire new leads, how you save their contact information, and how you retarget them. Now, use this marketing strategy to develop and implement a killer marketing plan!


We covered the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing plan, what’s needed to get started on the marketing strategy, and how to piece the strategy together. By using the template, you are able to create an easy-to-understand marketing strategy for your business that can be implemented immediately. With an understanding of your marketing strategy, you can move on to developing your marketing and sales funnel

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